Friday, April 25, 2014

Perfectly imperfect

I am starting a blog again. This time it's not about how cute my kiddo is, or the latest fun craft I've done. This all stems from a question my friend asked me a few weeks ago, "Sharon, your life is so perfect, how do you do it all? Work, cute daughter, great marriage, just, how do you do it?" I will tell all of you exactly what I told my friend...

I don't do it all.

My life is so far from perfect it's laughable. I don't stay home with my kiddo like I would want to. I'm working my husband through school and supporting the family right now, that is definitely not what I would have chosen for myself. I have anxiety, which sometimes keeps me from social situations, and sometimes tacks on depression, but I bottle it all up and don't want to talk about it. My house is usually in consistent disarray. I make lists, plans, and want to do better, but I usually only end up making it half way. Which I still count as a victory because it's better than no progress at all.

You know what I also have though? An amazing husband. A wonderful daughter. A pretty great job with some awesome co workers, and a great atmosphere. A place to live, food on the table, a car to drive, I could continue. While my list of imperfections seem greater at times, it truly isn't, because my life is amazingly perfectly imperfect.

I know that we all have our imperfections, sometimes it seems like your imperfections or insecurities are more than what someone else has. I'm here to tell you, everyone has their own set of these things. My friend Andy wrote a great post about this, read here, and I never in a million years would have guess that this girl had those insecurities, but everyone has their list of imperfections.

And guess what? If we all have our own list of imperfections, that means we are all in this together-- imperfectly.

I'm hoping to take down the "mommy blogging perfection" wall with some real honest truths here. Some maybe funny, and some maybe hard. Get ready for somethings that I normally wouldn't share with the world, but because I'm trying to take down this wall, it's going to happen. Pictures of my house a mess, some honesty about my life, and most of all fun.

Without the imperfections, how can we appreciate the perfection that we have in our lives?

Time for imperfection and honesty!