Friday, July 25, 2014

Choice & Accountability

We've all made choices today. What to wear, hitting the snooze button too many times, choosing to go (or not go) to work, when to take breaks from whatever you're doing and how late you're going to stay at work. Even the simple things we choose -- what to say, what to think, who to talk to, what we're having for lunch. Some choices are not that easy, who to marry, when to have kids, when to buy a house, when to say enough is enough in a bad relationship, these are the tough choices.

Every second we are making choices.

Some choices are big enough that immediately affect our future. Some choices build upon other choices that affect our future. Either way, each choice you make every second, every minute, every day, affects your future. So with that being said, it should be easy to always make the "right" choice right?

WRONG. It is not always that easy.
(especially when you're craving chocolate and you're supposed to be on a diet :) )

All choices are not plain black and white. The majority of the "hard" choices are grey. It's a matter of choosing between what's good, better, or best. So how do you decide how to make the "grey" choices? It's something that you should take some time on. Don't rush those decisions. Take sometime on your knees, or meditation and contemplate what each outcome could be. I like to do a lot of journaling during this time.

How do you decide on the choices that I call "best vs. best"? Meaning, both choices will get you a similar but different outcome, typically positive choices? (example: choosing between 2 great companies to work for) Same as above, sometime in prayer never killed anyone, neither did time in meditation, or the temple for that matter. We are given the ability to choose for a reason. We have to learn and grow.

If we have someone to make the decisions for us, how will we ever learn from our mistakes? As you know from previous blog posts, I've made some mistakes. However, I have learned a lot from them. It's been hard. The learning and growing process never stops here. It's a never ending process. While it's important, at times it can be a huge pain. Just when you think you've made the best choice, something happens and you think you haven't.

However, if you made the choice, own up to it and love it. "Yes I chose to wear these heels today, and I fell flat on my face while doing so. But aren't they cute?" Kind of a superficial example, but you catch what I'm getting at.

This puts me at my next point:

Living with the consequences of your choices.

Consequences aren't always bad. Sometimes if you make a great, sound decision, you're left with peace of mind. That consequence is great (unless you don't like peace of mind). If you make a sound decision with your head in the right spot, it is something that you should stick with and don't doubt that decision.

Sometimes consequences suck. Emma was playing outside and decided to act silly while jumping and running around. A consequence of that action was she fell and skinned her knee up pretty good. That consequence, as a parent and as Emma, sucked. Sometimes consequences are bigger. The consequences from those big choices, can stick with you for a while.

Here's the good news though:
You can choose to learn your lesson from that mistake and move on. Don't dwell on it. Yeah it may feel like this huge big mistake you made, but really, it's just a jumping off point for you to do better and grow more.

With all of this being said, what's the next choice you're going to make right now? Keep surfing the internet after reading this, is that really the best choice for your time? It could be. Or could maybe getting off of here and spending time with friends or family be a better use of your time?

The choice is yours, as it always is.


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