Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Jealousy, envy, and counting your blessings

The green eyed monster. 

We all have it at some point or another. At least when we're little kids phrases like "Sally has the better toy than me" are pretty common. As we get older, this mentality only makes things worse and you start focusing on the negative. It becomes like a slow cancer like negative tumor that eats away at the positive vibes you might have in your life.

Feelings like:
"They have a nicer home than I do." "Look at their family, they are all so perfect, they all get along, and don't fight at all!" "They had a better wedding than I did." "Look at their relationship with their spouse, it's so perfect and mine isn't."

So, what if they had a better wedding than you? Or a nicer home? Or a better relationship?

Sometimes I find myself complaining about things that I know that other people would love to have. Like an amazing husband who is supportive of me and pushes me to be and do better. A darling daughter who yells "Mommy" every time she sees me. A car to drive and a nice home to sleep in. Some pretty great friends and family. This list could go on.

Yes I may not have been born into a family that can have their parents pay for mine and my spouses college, home, or even a luxurious wedding. However I do have a wonderful marriage that is more beautiful than my wedding was (which my wedding was pretty beautiful). I have a husband who will someday build me (and our kiddos) a wonderful home. I have the gospel and the peace of mind that it brings counts for so much.

On top of all this, you aren't with them in their day to day life. You don't know the nitty-gritty. You may not know the pressure that might have come from family members to have that expensive wedding. You may not know that secretly that "perfect couple" fights for hours every night. You may not know that nice home is breaking their bank account. It's sad to even mention this, however no ones life is perfect. You can certainly strive for perfection, and I'm sure one day we will all achieve it. However, we all are still learning and growing and failing and succeeding.

If you look at your blessings over someone else's, you will realize how much you truly do have. I challenge you, the next time you start to get jealous or start to envy someone else's life, choose to count 5 things in your life that are blessings. You will feel so much better, I guarantee it.

Just a thought too: if you're envious or jealous of someone else's life, how can you love them?


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