Sunday, September 28, 2014

Weekend thoughts

More on the wonderful Women's Conference from this weekend when it's available in text and I can directly quote it, and not just what's in my notebook. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

To-Do lists

"Life is just what happens to you, while you're busy making other plans." -- John Lennon

I am a list maker. I have notebooks FULL of lists that I've made. This list is a prime example of the daily lists I make.

Usually things are added and rarely taken off. I find myself feeling so far behind on everything. Might I note, how sad it is that I have to add play time with Emma to my list? Shouldn't that just be apart of the normal? Feeling like a terrible Mom Mom of the year.

How often do we get everything accomplished on our list? How do we feel when we don't? Are we hard on ourselves and see the things that we haven't done? Or do we see the many many things we've done? Let's take Monday of this week for an example.

This is how Monday went if I'm going to choose to be hard on myself:
-Envied a co worker because of how cute their outfit was that day.
-I wasted valuable time on my lunch that could have been spent making phone calls by chatting it up with one of my best friends.
-Emma made a disaster while helping me make dinner that I had to clean up later
-While at Costco picking up somethings that I forgot Emma ran up to several different people and embarrassed me in the store-- why can't I keep my kiddo under control? People are a lot more forgiving than they should be.
-I waited almost an additional 15 minutes each time Emma got into her car seat, why can't she hurry up?
-I didn't get to see my husband until 11 PM, after not seeing him all weekend, because someone decided not to do their part in a group project. That's not cool.

This is how Monday went if I'm going to choose to look at the good that happened:
-Complimented a co worker on her cute outfit. Her self esteem was feeling a little low, which she told me later, so she was grateful for the compliment.
-I went to visit a very good friend who needed a visit on my lunch.
-Emma helped me make dinner and I started to teach her the importance fun of cooking.
-While at Costco picking up some things I forgot we needed, Emma made 5 people smile and laugh. These people were frowning and stressed prior to seeing her smiling face.
-I taught Emma independence by allowing her to get into her car seat by herself and buckling herself in.
-My husband covered for someone who is having a hard time right now by helping him do his part in a group project.

Which version of today will you choose to see? Will you see the things you didn't get done on your to do list? Or will you choose to see the many people that you served today? Look for the little things in your day that you have done, whether it be people you serve or kind words you speak to others.

This post is stemmed from the video below and I encourage all to watch it.