Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What is beauty?

Last week, there was a day when I woke up late (okay what am I saying, this happens too often). This meant my hopes for showering went out the window and I had to rush to do my hair. A basic pony and make-up won. I get to work and just about every person who saw me told me how great I looked.

Wait... what?

I felt disgusting, and got ready in a rush. The days that I spend a long time getting ready, 0 compliments, but the day that I feel gross and rushed to get ready -- tons of compliments? How does this work?

This got me thinking and down about myself. I'm not amazingly gorgeous by any means. I will never look glamorous. I usually have stuff in my hair from my lovely toddler, or I would rather spend time with those I love than spend time worrying about how I look. That doesn't mean that my confidence doesn't take a hit whenever I see pictures like these, especially of these gorgeous women:


Now then, does that mean that I'm not beautiful? I feel like it. However, this is not the case. Beauty isn't determined by one big group of people. It's determined individually. There are things that I find absolutely beautiful that some would argue are just pretty, or alright. I'm sure the same is for you! Beauty isn't found in magazines (usually), it's found in the daily grind. The days that you feel your worst, try serving someone else, I'm sure it will help you feel a little more beautiful.

Isn't it what we're all taught as children? That true beauty is on the inside? Being beautiful doesn't mean you have to be in a make up ad, or a Victoria's Secret catalog. It means that you are being YOU! Don't lose sight of yourself for someone else's opinion of what beautiful means.

Here are some photos of things that I think are beautiful!

Yes, that last one, I shared. I feel like I am ugly as all get out because I had just been in labor for 29 hours (and pushing for 5...). All that aside, this photo means the world to me as it was the first moment with my daughter.

You are amazing, you are radiant, and yes, you are beautiful!