Saturday, March 21, 2015

3 things for March

March. Ides of March? March Madness? You could call March any of those things. I have 2 “deathaverseries” that take place in March. You could say that I would want to hole myself up, have a “dark day” like Luke in Gilmore Girls and not come out until after those days have come and gone. However, that’s not how these people would want me to act. So instead, I’m posting a blog, and I am spending extra time with Emma and Tyler this weekend, just as those who’ve passed on would have wanted me to.

My Dad always told fantastic stories. His stories were like those of Edward Bloom’s in Big Fish. You didn’t know what was truth and what was an exaggeration. I miss them sometimes. However, whenever he gave talks in church, one of his stories wound up in the 3 things that he always talked about. He only ever talked about 3 things in talks. Well in honor of him, this post is on 3 things.

  1. Good
  2. Harry, Ron, and Hermione
  3. Where do you want me to go?

#1: Good: My Dad lived by 2 mantra’s towards the end of his life: “Have I done any good in the world today?” and “I’ll go where you want me to go Lord.” He passed away 4 years ago yesterday. I always think that each year will get easier, and sometimes it does, and sometimes it’s not. My Dad had a love for doing things for other people and serving others. He had a love for doing nothing but seeing the joy that came from doing unexpectedly nice things. He was always kind to everyone he met. He never had a bad word to say to anyone that he just met.

Too many times we get caught up in being the first to anger, and the first to say something rude about someone. My Dad since his passing, has taught me that this isn’t the way to live your life. If you choose to do so, your life will most likely be miserable.

Why not choose to be kind?

Because it’s not easy for most people, that’s why. I will admit, it’s easy to say bad words to someone under your breath, or assume the worst when someone does something rude. I’ve been there, trust me. However, it’s not way to live a life. So as Kid President has said, “Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody!”

#2: Harry, Ron, and Hermione: I am a Harry Potter Nerd, it’s kind of a thing. I was homeschooled all through middle school and when I started reading them, I prayed for friends like those that Harry had. I craved to have those kind of friends that would be there through everything to encourage and have fun with. I found those kind of friends within my first few weeks of moving to Apopka. One of those friends was Rhett Fisher. He mocked my Harry Potter obsession relentlessly. He came over weekly for voice lessons from my Mom, on top of the school choir and ward activities, we spent a bit of time together. When we moved from Apopka and to Tavares, he was one of the first that showed up to help us move and one of the last that left. We didn't see each other very much after that except at the stake activities. However, when my parents told us that they were getting a divorce my senior year, he was the one of the first friends to be there and offer a shoulder to cry on. His heart was genuine, and his testimony astounding. After high school, we didn't stay in touch very much. I actually didn't stay in touch with a lot of my friends that moved out to Provo and were just 30 minutes away. I could make excuses for it, however all I will say is that I just don’t have a good one that justifies being a crummy friend.  A year ago today Rhett passed away unexpectedly (You've heard me mention him before here.)

This shook me. His passing served as several wake up calls for me. One of them being: have I been a good friend to those who helped me through so much? Am I as good of a friend to those around me as Rhett was to me? I have been a crummy friend to many who meant, and still mean so much to me. Since his passing, I have made a conscious effort to reach out to them. I am also trying to work on not holding back expressions of love in friendships and family. **Keyword: WORK.

#3: Where do you want me to go?: The second of Dad’s mantra of “Going where the Lord wants us to” is being open to allowing the Lord to help you go where He needs you to. Right now, this second, I’m sure there’s someone who is needing a call, a text, a Facebook message, or even a hug from you. Are you in a place where you can do that, or would you rather turn on Netflix?

What about that big decision of moving cross country? Are you afraid of doing this because you’re worried you won’t know anyone? If it feels right, but you’re allowing emotions get into it, the Lord has something bigger planned for you. You will meet friends, and you will probably be a positive influence in a lot of lives. I guarantee it. Or, you could choose to stay safe and where you are and not grow and miss out on an adventure.

What about choosing to sit and chat a little longer with a friend because you have an inclination that they just need someone to listen? That right there is going where the Lord wants you to go. Also, yes, being open to serve a mission wherever He wants you to go is a good example of that too :).

If we put ourselves in a spot where we can be that person that can “make everyone feel like a somebody”, then I think we have done something right.

You could say that March is a rough month. However, when I have 2 examples of how to live my life of serving others, being a better friend, and being where the Lord wants me to go, why would that be rough? I have a lot to work on, and even more to be grateful for that the Lord put such men in my life.

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