Friday, January 20, 2017

What I Want My Kids To Know About Today

Hey Kids,

Today is going to be a rough day in American history. Please do not ask why or how we got to this point, because right now, it doesn't do us much good. The only thing I will say is your Dad and I tried. We did our best. However what is the most important is the next 4 years. Emma, you will be 8 about to turn 9 when this man leaves office. This means you will be pretty settled into your education and looking at what your interests and hobbies truly are and perhaps looking to turn them into a life long pursuit. Lincoln, you will be 4, and on the brink of starting school.

Emma, unfortunately I'm pretty sure you will learn derrogatory words and phrases I didn't even know existed about women until I was in my late teens. Lincoln, while you will be young, you will be raised in a society for the last 4 years lead by a man who thinks women are nothing more than just a good looking statue to have around. As your Mother, I am telling you, that is not okay. Just because some man who leads our country may treat his wife and other women that way doesn't mean you can. Ever. Both of you, Emma and Lincoln, deserve respect but never ever demean someone else, especially in a way that they are different from you, to get it.

The news and social media sites are just nuts right now. Can I offer a recommendation to you both as you get older and enter the technological world? Watch and read the news just enough to know the facts. Nothing more. It's important to stay informed. However, watching/reading it too much will make you want a straight jacket. The world is going to continue to spiral down. There are so many people in positions of power that are corrupt. Life will make you tough, if you choose to let it. Know things and people's intentions, however, it is also important to still have your inherit kindness I know both of you have. Don't be naive, but "always have courage and be kind."

You will both have to face a society where we are so so divided. There are several hundreds, almost thousands, of people who don't even want to consider this man to be President. While I just vomited in my mouth quite a bit thinking about what will happen at noon today, that doesn't take away the respect we give someone. Just because my mother and father chose not to raise me in the best way, doesn't mean I don't respect them for the life they gave me. You can choose to give respect, even if they don't. It's called rising above. So many people do not understand that you can respectfully disagree with someone. Just because you disagree doesn't mean you can't still be friends or even polite.

There are so many people who are here in the states because of a horrible situation back in the country they are from or they believe the American way will get them to the life they want to live. Remember that respect thing I mentioned earlier? It applies here too. We need to give men, women, and children of all races, ethnicities, and orientation the same respect we give our friends. Just because they may look different from us doesn't mean they are different. We are all children from the same God.

Let me repeat--
God created us, we are brothers and sisters, and we need to give each other respect.

Respect can come in the form of being there to listen, it can come in the form of a friendly smile, it can even come in the form of not talking to them if they wish. No matter what it is, we need to be there for our brothers and sisters.

So far I've mentioned respect a lot. It's something that has lost a bit of meaning in the last few years. However, we need to make sure we are giving respect to those who hold titles, even if they don't give respect to the title themselves. It's just the polite thing to do.

I do not know why we have the current president elect that we do. However, I do have faith. Faith in the Lord's timing. Not sure what is meant to come about in this nation as a result of this crazy election and inaguration day. However, I have faith that it will all work out. Some how in the grand scheme of things, it always does.

I love you both, and I wish, so much, only the brightest for your future. As your Mom, I will make sure it will happen, not just hope for it.


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